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Thailand Stretch Limousine is proud to bring the luxury and quality of the stretch limousine services available in other countries to Thailand. Thailand Stretch Limousine was founded on the basic principles that limousine services should be provided with the luxury and utmost elegance only a stretch limousine can provide. We aim to provide you the highest quality vehicles and the highest quality of service possible. Now servicing ALL of Thailand including: Bangkok, Pattaya, Chang Mai, Phuket, etc...

Limousine Details

The cost to rent this limousine is 10,000 THB (Thai Baht) per hour, with a 5 hour minimum per trip. The limousine's passenger area seats 8 people comfortably and has a maximum capacity and seat belts for 10 people. The limousine has a premium customized sound system with a built in TV which is connected to the CD/DVD Player. There is also a bar with beers, soft drinks and ice inside the passenger area.